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We accept cash, cheque and credit cards.

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Our terms are strictly "pre-payment" or "cash on delivery". If there is a possibility you will not be present at time of delivery, we suggest that you leave payment with a workmate or in an obvious place. No money - no pizza. A re-delivery will incur an $6.80 surcharge.

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The difference is we own and operate our own plant located within The Rocks/Sydney. Modern up to date equipment and experienced staff service the pick up and delivery work flow that is one of our core activity.

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Our policy is to guarantee satisfaction. We will re-process at no additional charge. This may require you to sign the "owners risk" form should a stain require treatment beyond the garment's care label.

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Whilst almost all stains are removable, much depends on the type of stain and the particular fabric. Natural fibres accept dye stuff and lose them just as easily. Not all stains can be removed safely. For this reason we will provide you an owners risk form with an explanation of the possible result of further processing. Any risk is a decision for you to make.

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As with most things in life, you get what you pay for. Wash on the Rocks does not promote itself as a price discounter. Rather as a quality dry cleaning and laundry service you can rely on. From time to time we offer specials on our webpage - keep watching!! or email us at and we will keep you updated with our specials.

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We operate a strict cut off time of 9.00am. If you book after this time we cannot provide any surety of a same day delivery. In this case we can assure you of a next day delivery at worst.

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Currently, we service the Sydney CBD including Walsh Bay, Dawes Point, Haymarket, Wooloomoloo, Pyrmont and Darling Harbour. Other areas on request.

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Pick up and delivery services operate 5 days per week Monday to Friday. Our shop in Walsh Bay tough is open on Saturdays from 8 am to 3 pm.

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Yes, we provide a domestic pick up and delivery service before and after hours by arrangement.

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Yes, we can provided that both the pick up and delivery points are within our areas of circulation. An additional fee of $6.80 flat will be charge for this service.

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Yes, we can undertake all types of garment repair and alteration. Allow up to two to three days turnaround from day of pick up.

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Yes, we offer a full deluxe – please ask us for details.

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Yes, we can expertly launder and press your shirts. You can specify whether you want them hung or folded. Our hi-tech washer and dryer equipment ensure wash and dry cycles are gentle on your washing and, most importantly, do not over dried your garments.... more detail

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Yes, we can provide a linen service. You can specify what degree of starch you require and how you want napkins, placemats and tablecloths presented.... more detail

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Yes, we send leathers to a specialist cleaner. Allow up to ten working days from the day of pick up.

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Yes, we utilise a specialist invisible repairer. Invisible grafts and weaves are expensive due to the time factor involved. The repairer will not undertake a repair unless they are confident that the result will be satisfactory. Allow up to ten working days from day of pick up.

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Yes, we can provide a fabric dye service. The fabric you wish to dye must be 100% natural fibre and shrinkage resistant. Any visible thread is most likely to have a polyester content and will not take the colour. Consider this statistic - only 3% of all dye jobs of garments in the made up state are 100% satisfactory. Therefore in 97% of the time your are best off spending your money on a new garment the colour you want. Allow up to ten working days from day of pick up.

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Yes, it is a health and safety requirement to have any used garment cleaned prior to repair. New garments with shop tags attached will avoid this expense.

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Yes, this is no problem provided you stipulate your requirement at time of pick up. Press only items will be charged at 75% of the standard piece price.

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Yes we can clean doonas and quilts by either "wet" or "dry" methods. Subject to the filling, turnaround can be same day or at worst overnight.

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Bag wash service


12.50Bring us your laundry and we wash, dry and fold it for you. For a small fee of $8.00 each way we also pick up or/and deliver your washing ( minimum 2 loads or equivalent) the same day from and back to your City Hotel.

So you can fully enjoy your day out and on your return you will find your clean clothes in your hotel room! more detail

Same Day Ironing / Dry Cleaning & Express Service

Spoil yourself and have your washing also professionally ironed or dry cleaned. Ask us for our great prices and our 2 Hours “Express-Service”.

Fill in order form and call us for pick up – it’s that easy.

Express Service


In a hurry and your favourite garment has got a stain! No problem - just bring it to us and we will have it cleaned within the hour. Please call ahead for details and times for this service!

Deluxe Service


Our deluxe service is a comprehensive and hand finished process which ensures your garments receive our best attention.

After all, you have spent a considerable time looking for the right garment, so it's only right that we spend that little bit extra taking care of it.

Our specialist service applies not only to dry cleaning, but to our laundry services as well.

Shirt Service


We've been big on shirts for a long time. A good shirt service starts with attention to collars and cuffs, followed by thorough laundering using special wash programs.... more detail

Hydrocarbon Dry Cleaning


The gentle way to dry clean your garments. ask us for details

VIP Customer Service


Just come in and one of our friendly staff will take your bag and do the rest

Doonas & Pillows


Not only entrust us your pillows and doonas, try also our pop-pular linen service >> details

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